Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD.
“What You Need To Know”
Mallory Sinclair

CBD has become mainstream. For instance, it helps with a wide range of conditions. Everything from chronic muscle pain, stress, anxiety disorder, and insomnia. To substance use disorder, arthritis and even cancer. CBD is changing the face of medicine. This oil soluble compound has further been revolutionized to make it water soluble.

Water Soluble CBD vs. Oil Soluble CBD.
To Clarify, Are There Any Major Advantages?

Delivery forms include capsules and tinctures. However, these have a limitation; their concentration is significantly reduced before entering the systemic circulation. But, and as the name suggests, “water-soluble” has to do with the ability of CBD to be easily dissolved in water. With this, we can understand why this new trend is gaining popularity and making waves already.

When CBD is engineered to be water soluble, it increases its bioavailability. Bioavailability is a term which refers to the rate at which it's is absorbed through the body. In essence, when the bioavailability of CBD is increased, it allows more CBD to make its way into the bloodstream, thereby reducing the serving size of the product.

The conversion of CBD from oil to water-soluble produces an extract with particle size tiny enough to guarantee up to 99.9% absorption. Comparatively, traditional CBD oil products have been known to offer extremely low bioavailability of around 10% on the average.

First, it's Water Soluble. The CBD American Shaman Difference

While it is true that hundreds of companies out there have also been able to come out with breakthrough products, none can compare with CBD American Shaman in terms of composition and efficacy. In addition, none can compare with the price for the same quality.

Benefits of water-soluble CBD

  1. Firstly, It's Safe.

Water-soluble CBD provides the body with exactly what it needs. You get greater benefits with a smaller dose.

  1. Secondly, It's More Cost Effective.

CBD products can be costly. Water Soluble enables you to spend less. Save money without compromising.


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You Be The Judge! Grab Your Water Soluble Today

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