Holiday Savings Event!! 20 Percent Off In Stores

Holiday Savings Event!! 20 Percent Off In Stores

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20 Percent OFF Everything in the store

📢 Today is the day! 📢

It's time for some Holiday Savings!!! Stop by any of our locations and receive 20% OFF any purchase. If your anxiety is on the rise or joints are feeling the ache, we have you covered.

327 N. Hillside St. Suite 300

550 N. Webb Rd. Suite C-2

2600 N. Main St. 620-259-5885

Ron Graham

Good Morning, I am a type two diabetic, have been since I was 30 years old, from chem exposure during Vietnam… I have been battling blood sugar levels and chronic pain since that point in time.. I started using CBD oils and ointment for Chronic pain (Neuropathic and neuromas) throughout my body from neck to toes approximately a month ago. The side benefit or major benefit for me is the change in blood sugar levels. the blood sugars have stabilized at 90 and my insulin intake has gone from 85 units a day to 50 units a day and is still going down.. This is awesome stuff from the word go, IT WORKS… Thank you American Shaman
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